1 - The period of the viscounts - Until 1201

Bernard ATON IV, Viscount of Albi, Nîmes, Carcassonne, Rodez, Béziers and Agde,  +1129

Raymond TRENCAVEL, second son of Bernard ATON


Raymond Roger TRENCAVEL, son of Roger II

    At the time of the Carolingians, Lunas was one of three major settlements in the district of the " Pagus Biterrensis ", and the castle of Lunas is mentioned for the first time in records dating from 909.

   In the 11th Century, the land around LUNAS was a fiefdom of the viscounts of Béziers.

   Bernard Aton IV, viscount of Albi, Nimes, Carcassonne, Rodez, Béziers and Agde, married Cécile de Provence in 1083 and died in 1129, leaving the castle of LUNAS to his second son, Raymond Trencavel.

   Raymond Trencavel married Adélaïde von Lunas, daughter of Anztor von Lunas, vassal to the viscount of Béziers and probably lived in the "Rendondel" castle. Alphonse von Toulouse had conferred the rights of use of the castle to the Viscount of Béziers in 1163.

   The heirs of Anztor, firstly his son Roger and later his grandson Guilhaume, also lived there until 1190. After the death of Guilhaume, the castle became the possession of his godfather, Guilhaume de Faugères.

   This period, when the feudal lordship of Lunas was only a regional fiefdom of Béziers, ended on 6th April 1201. This was when Raymond Roger Trencavel, on the advice of his barons, passed to Salomon de Faugères, son of Guilhaume, the castle and all the titles that he owned in Lunas in exchange for 6,000 melgoric Sols (currency). This represented half of the mines of Villemagne and Boussague, the other half being the property of the Viscount of Narbonne.

2- The Lords of Faugères, from 1201 to 1516,

3- The barons of Narbonne-Caylus, from 1516 to 1706,

4- The contemporary period, from 1706 until the present day.

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