Description of the village  


   The parish of Lunas (the most important in the area) is made up of the village along with several surrounding hamlets and farms :

hamlets:  Gours   -    Briandes   -   Les Pascals   -    Caunas   -    Le Pont d'Orb   -   Sérièys   -   Taillevent   -   Laval de Nize   -   Vasplongues le bas   -   Vasplongues le haut

farms :    Sourlan le bas   -   La Dournié   -   Caisso   -   Serres   -  Lagras   -   Bernagues

   The parish boasts a population of 638 with 250 people living within the village itself.

   Over the centuries, the village of Lunas developed around three streams :

      -  the GRAVEZON (that flows into the ORB)

      -  the NIZE

      - the SAINT GEORGES, 

   The Nize and the Saint Georges join the Gravezon in the heart of the village.

    These streams contribute greatly to the village’s charm and create a gentle coolness that is particularly pleasant during the summer months. They explain the presence of eight road bridges along with five footbridges and evidence of five watermills that were still in use at the beginning of the 20th Century.

   Wandering through the winding streets and narrow lanes of Lunas, its visitors discover shaded areas to sit under ancient plane trees, a church dating back to the 12th Century as well as the ruined chapel of SAINT-GEORGES from the 5th and 6th centuries. On the riverbank is the chateau, built after the religious wars in 1629 to replace the original fortified castle that had previously dominated the village from the Redondel Rock.

   There are also two riverside restaurants with outside terraces adjacent to the running waters of the GRAVEZON.

   Despite the village being in the quiet upper reaches of the Hérault department and at the end of a deep, narrow valley, Lunas is not cut off the world :
      - The Béziers-Noussargues-Paris rail link passes through the village.
      - Regular buses connect to Bédarieux (15 km), Lodève (14 km) and Béziers (50 km).

The village of Lunas